About Ruth

My entire life, I have felt the need to create. About 8 years ago, this manifested itself in the form of weavings. I once saw an antique, full-sized bed spring in an antique mall, loaded it up, and created a piece that later was displayed in the Canton Museum of Art. Inspiration comes in many ways—if you allow it.

Encaustics entered my world a few years ago. I love the stories that are told in these waxy wonders. Layer upon layer of waxing, scraping, incising—and then doing it all again—is meditative. I lose myself in the process. I love the luminosity, the depth, the way these paintings pull you in to see them up close.

My pieces speak of me. They speak of my past; where I have come from, what I have learned. They speak of where I am now. I will let them determine where I am going from here. I create art because I must.